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I am in the Cybersecurity field and enjoy forensic analysis.

About me

I am Security+ certifed and plan on always continuing my learning process throughout my career. I am learning Rust and working on a couple of projects with some veterans of the industry.

I have a few years experience with most of the usual knowledge bases. Malware analysis and network infastructures have been my primary focuses for my learning lab.

I do have a history with computers and a unique perspecitve on the analysis of them. I have done various network setup and andministraion work as well as various IT tasks. If you need a strong IT professional I'm available.

Network Security
HTML coding
Cloud Infastructure
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This is the first cert I'm going for since it gives a good broad scope understanding of the security side of the industry. This should be completed by the end of the year and then I will move to GIAC.

Azure Security Engineer

There is two-fold reasoning for this cert. The first is that Azure is rapidly growing in marketshare and it's very doubtful Microsoft is going anywhere anytime soon. The second is I have a free exam from Microsoft so this makes the most sense. This will be completed in tandum with Security+ and shoud be done by year end.

GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware

This makes the most sense to me at this time as the next step after Security+ and ASE are completed. Malware analysis is interesting to me and this obviously scratches that itch, plus it's part of the broader Global Information Assurance Certification which is quite versatile. This certification path is the most malliable as I have not already started studying for this yet.

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Current Projects

I am working on several different projects and ideas with various people so I chose some of the most interesting. There are also various resources I find interesting.



The nispor(Network Inspector) project is designed to providing unified interface for Linux network state querying.

This is a state querying program being designed in Rust which will work as the base for a couple of other projects. It is designed to be the base of future work so it can be easily referenced in the long term.

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A tool to make the reporting process easier and more uniform

This is still in the precoding phase, but the general idea is to make a program that can easily be picked up and take court admissable notes and make it approachable.

The major goals of this project are to make forensic reports consistent, ensure that finalized notes are immutable, the notes themselves are in a secure workspace, have an automatic table of contents, and timestamp all notes images and attachments immutably.

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DFIRTrack (Digital Forensics and Incident Response Tracking application) is an open source web application mainly based on Django using a PostgreSQL database back end.

In contrast to other great incident response tools, which are mainly case-based and support the work of CERTs, SOCs etc. in their daily business, DFIRTrack is focused on handling one major incident with a lot of affected systems as it is often observed in APT cases. It is meant to be used as a tool for dedicated incident response teams in large cases. So, of course, CERTs and SOCs may use DFIRTrack as well, but they may feel it will be more appropriate in special cases instead of every day work.

In contrast to case-based applications, DFIRTrack works in a system-based fashion. It keeps track of the status of various systems and the tasks and forensic artifacts associated with them, keeping the analyst well-informed about the status and number of affected systems at any time during the investigation phase up to the remediation phase of the incident response process.

This may have potential to have some integration with DFIR Reporting that needs to be explored still.

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Here's a future electric car that's different

So it's another electric car that may or may not become big, so what. Well, I am interested fundamentally in security and forensics so this car will likely have to have some very strong security in order to always be talking with the solar panels. Just a random thought.

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Network Configuration Tool

Nispor providing full network status of kernel for all interfaces or single interface. Nispor taking single interface full configuration to apply.

Zatel provides: Point in time network state query, no caching. Unified network state both from user space and kernel, so that user could get full picture of certain interface. Smart network management with minimum prerequisite knowledge. Ordering the network creation/management to kernel/user space. Wraping complex layout to simple options. Front-end plugins for variable developer friendly APIs. NetworkManager daemon only provide unix socket interface for querying, changing and notification. Frondends(DBUS, varlink, etc) just wrapping unix socket to their own tech. Easy to creating binding for other develop lanagurages. Plugins for DHCP, 802.1x, OVS, VPN, WIFI, DNS and etc. Socket communication to child process of plugin allowing plugin been written in any language it likes. A dedicate plugin for backwards compatibility.

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